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The Library serves Umeå University's students, faculty and staff as well as staff at Region Västerbotten with support and resources, free of charge.

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Academic writing

Do you have questions about:

  • The writing process - planning, drafting, revising?
  • The organisation and development of ideas in your paper?
  • What consistant pattern of errors you make?
  • Improving your writing skills?
  • Choose only one time for an appointment
  • Are you writing the text together with someone? Please book the tutoring session as a group
  • We can offer you 1-3 tutoring sessions, depending on what we agree on and the length of the text
  • Please contact the Library if you have questions. Choose "Library instruction, tutoring and Academic Resource Centre" in the form

Remember we are not a fix-it shop for correcting and proofreading. We are here to help you work on developing as writer and editor of your own work.

Information searching and retrieval

  • From research questions to keywords and then to searching in databases/search engines
  • Tutoring in searching for sources to use with a literature review

Presentation skills

Do you have questions about:

  • Creating and structuring a presentation?
  • Delivering your presentation?
  • Identifying areas to improve in your presentation?
  • Improving confidence when presenting?


  • Questions about in-text referencing or the reference list
  • Introduction to reference management software or qualified support for advanced users

Study skills

Do you have questions about:

  • Note taking during lectures or from texts?
  • How to read coursebooks or research articles?
  • Time management for course or an assignment?
  • How to understand an assignment?

Who do you want to meet?

Due to the COVID-19-virus, Umeå University Library will temporarily offer all students and staff at Umeå university as well as employees at Region Västerbotten this service as a remote meeting.

Students and staff at the university use Zoom, employees at Region Västerbotten most often use Skype.